Let it snow, let it snow, lets it snow

So I think we can safely say we had some snow 🙂

We found out Reading was pretty much gridlocked via facebook as we were in Leicester. The pets all locked up at home overnight got us worried as we weren’t sure whether we’d get back home the next day. But we set off in the morning after calling friends for a weather report. We got home safe and sound a couple of hours later after some hair-raising trips down the local roads.

The next day I walked into Woodley via Southlake to have a look at the snow. The lake was completely frozen. I felt sorry for the Heron staring into the ice wishing he could get his dinner.

Anyway I took my GF1 with me and took some photos around the lake.








Quite pleased with the results form the GF1, really very nice to be able to carry a camera everywhere with it being so small.

Shame is it’s raining now, so by the morning we probably wont have any snow 🙁

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