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Ok so as promised here are some of the other promo shots taken of the lovely Sapphire Elia.Take a look and feel free to leave a comment.

This first photo I think works well for the theme, I love the lighting through the nearby window.

And this is where we get to the advantage of working in such a fantastic venue as the Forbury Hotel. This sofa was at the end of one of the corridors leading to the bedrooms, and the wallpaper really works well with it. For the photographers reading this there is just a single SB900 flash in a softbox high to camera left lighting this.

And another shot, same location but a different pose and a landscape shot. Same lighting again. Sapphire looking great, and getting into character for the camera.

I had the opportunity to shoot the Reading Arts promotion shots for their Panto this year, Sleeping Beauty, to be held at the Hexagon. It’s looking to be a great show so if you’re in the area it might be wise to book early. More info can be found on the Reading Arts website

The shoot took place in the Forbury Hotel in Reading which I have to say is a fantastic old building with so much character. I’ll post a second post later with some portraits of Sapphire Elia which are more the normal style you would see from me.

But one of the main parts of the days shoot were high key portraits that can be used for promo shots. But on with the photos…

Here we have Clare Waugh who plays Prince Valiant and Sapphire Elia who is playing Princess Belle, the Sleeping Beauty. More of Sapphire later.

Next up we have Jane Tucker ( AKA Jane from Rod, Jane, and Freddie! ) who is playing Azuriel. Now I was quite excited to meet Jane having grown up watching Rainbow, and I have to say she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

And another of Clare Waugh.

And now meet Jolyon Dixon who is playing the dame of the Panto, Nurse Nanny Nora. Jolyon really is a funny guy, and it’s funny the transformation that happens. As he explains it best “When I put on the costume I can’t help it, her voice just comes out, I can’t help it” And indeed, the moment the costume was on, the dame appeared.

And here is Nigel Nevinson playing King Bumble

Im embarrassed to say I don’t actually know this next guys name, it’s completely gone from my memory. Interestingly it’s one of the best of the character shoots as we explored what the character may actually be like. None of the cast had yet seen a script so it was quite a challenge to portray the correct character in the photos, not a problem with these pros though.

And then finally the last shot for this post, and it has most of the main cast all present. This was one of a series of photos snatched quickly in the main bedroom in the hotel. I say snatched as we literally had minutes to get the photos before we needed to leave the room, as a bride was on her way to use the room to get ready for her big day! You’ll also notice another character in this shot. None other than Justin Fletcher ( AKA CBeebies Mr Tumble ) who is playing Josh the Jester.

Thats it for now, look out for more of Sapphire tomorrow. Feel free to leave a comment.

  • Nigel Nevinson - September 15, 2010 - 3:17 am

    The guy who plays King Bumble is Nigel Nevinson

  • Nigel Nevinson - September 15, 2010 - 6:01 pm

    Sorry.I misread your comments .The actors name is Howard Gossington
    Nigel Nevinson

These have taken a while to get posted up but finally got the chance to update the blog again.

We’re friends of Cliff & Cat, the best man is my brother-in-law, so we were there as guests. I couldn’t resist taking a few photos while I was there though. These aren’t in any particular order so the post is a mixed bag of shots throughout the day.

First shot one of the groups.

One of Cat coming out of the church.

Love the number plate on the car, which I’m told is a Beauford.

Cliff all scrubbed up for the day.

My favourite shot of the day during the disco at the end of the day.

A couple of shots of the first dance.

The best mans speech. Even after being at the number of weddings I have been, it was still a good speech.

The cake looked as good as it tasted.

The happy couple enjoying a glass of bubbly in the car.

And a few more group shots, starting off with an interesting one, the bridesmaids lifting the groom.

Firstly I’d just like to point out the title was inspired by Stevie herself. Once we’d finished taking photos she remarked that she couldn’t wait to see what I wrote on my blog, probably “Nutter Bride”. So just for you Stevie I thought I’d add that 🙂

Stuart and Stevie were great fun all day. Stuart had some great facial expressions, and the couple were really after some fun photos of their big day. I think they achieved that as you’ll see later. I think I’ll smile every time I drive through Sandhurst now. Please feel free t0o leave a comment.

At the Church Stuart tried to convince himself he wasn’t nervous.

Then the groomsmen stepped in to lighten the mood.

Then joined by Stuarts father for a quick shot.
A couple of quick portraits, both Stevie and Stuart looking great.

And what would a wedding photography blog post be without a few detail shots?

The bouquets looked fantastic.

Stevie went for a long veil which caught the wind all afternoon, a challenge at times but sometimes it just works.

And veils are great to hide away under too.

OK so this is where the day got a bit crazy. Next to the reception venue is a childrens play park. I’d not paid it too much attention on my reccie of the area as brides don’t generally want to have a go on the swings in the dress. Stevie though was well up for a trip to the playground. Not only that but she was mentioning some rocks. As we got close I wasn’t sure exactly what she had in mind but hey lets go with it. Seconds later she was scaling the rocks to sit on it. Here’s the happy couple sat on the rocks.

What isn’t obvious from that shot is the rock itself. Notice Stevie’s hand in a slightly awkward position, well that was her clinging on. You see Stevie had scaled nearly 10ft of rock face, in her wedding dress, to sit where she was sitting. Don’t believe me?

Not stopping there the next stop was the swing. Stuart gave it some gusto and got the lot swinging with them both aboard. I love the way in this shot the flashgun froze Stevie enjoying the ride.

Sadly the meal was already late so we had to stop the fun, but not before a quick snap next to the sign by the gate… Ooops

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Debbie and Andy getting married at Enfield Baptist Church, with the reception at Theobalds Park.

It was probably the hottest day of the year so far with not a cloud in the sky ( Every wedding photographers nightmare ) so everyone was in high spirits and enjoying the day. Here are my favourite photos from the day.

Andy scrubbed up well for the occasion 🙂

Debbie was looking fabulous.

And my photo of the day.

  • Gina Soden Photography - September 10, 2013 - 3:34 pm

    Beautiful photos, I love that venue! I really like the one of the wedding dress in the window!

It’s taken a while to go through these ( Sorry Cara ) but I finally got to process the images from Oscars photoshoot.

These were taken very quickly as he slept for a long time, which didn’t leave us much time before I had to go. But he’s so cute it wasn’t difficult to get some keepers.

In case you missed anything on the BBC Berkshire show this morning here is all the info ( and maybe a bit more )

So you’ve decided on spending a day of photography. Great stuff, but what to photograph? Well hopefully this post will give you some ideas.

Packing your kit bag

So what kit do you need to pack?

– A Camera. Well obviously, but any camera will suffice, you don’t need
the lastest and greatest Digital SLR camera.
– A tripod or other solid support is going to be useful for the day. A sturdy support can come in handy numerous times during the day.
– Supplies. Make sure you carry a bottle of water and a snack. Photography can be thirsty, and hungry work…

So let’s plan our day…

Early Morning

How about getting up nice and early for that sunrise shot?

People may think you’re mad getting up at such an hour, when seemingly sane people are tucked up in their warm beds, on a cold winter morning. But when that sun rises up over the horizon spectacular views can be seen, and photographed. Other than the cold winter is a perfect time to take a sunrise shot as the sun rises much later ( so you don’t have to get up so early )

A trip to your favorite viewing point in your local park may be easiest. Or what about taking a trip to Windsor Great Park – for a sunrise shot of the Castle. Since the dear roam around you may just get the chance to get a photo of a stag dear with the sun rising in the background.

Check before hand for possible locations and obstructions to your photo. Google maps is a great way to check where to be, and know where the sun is coming from in relation to landmarks.

During the day

Places to visit

Virginia Waters
Close by to Windsor Great Park Virginia waters is perfect for some waterfoul shots. I’ve seen kingfishers on a few occasions but they’re almost impossible to photograph without specialist equipment, hides, and many many trips waiting.

Welford Park
This closes to the public on the 28th of Feb this year, so not long left to go and see the amazing display of snowdrops in flower.

Wellington Country Park –
Has great woodland walks and nature trails. There is also a range of activities to keep the kids amused so you can make it a family day out.

So some tips on things you might want to photograph.

1. Get down low.
Shoot from a low angle to capture the entire landscape but also to get those snow-drops as a main focal point in the photo. On a sunny winters day the sun streaking through the trees can make a powerful photograph of a woodland scene.

2. Get close
Why not try some close-up or Macro photography. Fill the frame with the details of that snow-drop, or fungus on a tree trunk. A tripod is very useful when doing this to keep the camera steady at such a close distance.

3. Shoot the kids ( with your camera! )
While on a family day out, why not get some photos of the kids for the album?


Once it gets dark most people will pack up and go home. They are certainly missing out.

Taking night photos is a lot easier than you might think and you do not need lots of special equipment either.

The following equipment is very helpful in night photography, in addition to the tripod I mentioned earlier.

– A shutter release cable or self timer is almost always used to prevent camera shake when the shutter is released. Virtually all cameras have a self timer so you don’t have to go out and buy anything.
– Manual focus, since autofocus systems usually operate poorly in low light conditions. Newer digital cameras incorporate a Live View mode which often allows very accurate manual focusing.
– A stopwatch or remote timer, is handy to time very long exposures where the camera’s bulb setting is used.

The first thing to do is check that you can turn off the camera’s automatic flash. Most Compact cameras have a symbol that has a lightning bolt within a circle with a 45 degree line through it – just like a no entry road sign. This turns off the flash and ensures the camera will perform long exposures. You can check to see what the longest shutter speed is in your camera’s manual.

The best time for low-light photography is when there is just a bit of light left in the sky after sunset or before sunrise for the early rising photographer.

Tonight was a very special night where I got to be part of an event not normally seen.

Stephan had arranged to propose to his girlfriend Lori this evening as she got off the train from work. What made this even more special was that Stephan had flown from Canada to propose! They are both Canadian but Lori works over here in the UK ( Talk about a long distance relationship! ) Having never met Stephan I was worried about finding him when I arrived at the station. I needn’t have worried as it was obvious who he was straight off, not because he was Canadian, nope it was because he was the nervous guy pacing up and down the platform practising what he was going to say. Members of the Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra & Reading University Flute Club arrived soon after to play as the proposal took place.

Things didn’t quite go to plan with all the preparations, specifically the candles which wouldn’t stay lit because of the rain. But the rain didn’t dampen spirits.

So on with the photos…

Oh and I nearly forgot, Lori said YES! The whole thing was very exciting and I thank Stephan for allowing me to be part of the occasion.

  • Lorrie Prothero - March 1, 2010 - 1:14 am

    Beautiful Pete!!! The rain adds such a storybook feel too it too! Great mood lighting with just enough light on her face but enough shadow for artistic feel.