Stuart & Stevie North – Nutter rock climbing Bride! Sandhurst, Berkshire

Firstly I’d just like to point out the title was inspired by Stevie herself. Once we’d finished taking photos she remarked that she couldn’t wait to see what I wrote on my blog, probably “Nutter Bride”. So just for you Stevie I thought I’d add that 🙂

Stuart and Stevie were great fun all day. Stuart had some great facial expressions, and the couple were really after some fun photos of their big day. I think they achieved that as you’ll see later. I think I’ll smile every time I drive through Sandhurst now. Please feel free t0o leave a comment.

At the Church Stuart tried to convince himself he wasn’t nervous.

Then the groomsmen stepped in to lighten the mood.

Then joined by Stuarts father for a quick shot.
A couple of quick portraits, both Stevie and Stuart looking great.

And what would a wedding photography blog post be without a few detail shots?

The bouquets looked fantastic.

Stevie went for a long veil which caught the wind all afternoon, a challenge at times but sometimes it just works.

And veils are great to hide away under too.

OK so this is where the day got a bit crazy. Next to the reception venue is a childrens play park. I’d not paid it too much attention on my reccie of the area as brides don’t generally want to have a go on the swings in the dress. Stevie though was well up for a trip to the playground. Not only that but she was mentioning some rocks. As we got close I wasn’t sure exactly what she had in mind but hey lets go with it. Seconds later she was scaling the rocks to sit on it. Here’s the happy couple sat on the rocks.

What isn’t obvious from that shot is the rock itself. Notice Stevie’s hand in a slightly awkward position, well that was her clinging on. You see Stevie had scaled nearly 10ft of rock face, in her wedding dress, to sit where she was sitting. Don’t believe me?

Not stopping there the next stop was the swing. Stuart gave it some gusto and got the lot swinging with them both aboard. I love the way in this shot the flashgun froze Stevie enjoying the ride.

Sadly the meal was already late so we had to stop the fun, but not before a quick snap next to the sign by the gate… Ooops

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