Apple updates Macbook Pro 17″

So Apple finally got around to updating the Macbook Pro 17″. No surprises that they updated the machine, they were bound to eventually, but the big news around the net seems to be the lack of a removable battery. Personally I’m not sure what all the fuss is about on that. I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve removed the battery from mine. For me the huge news is finally an anti-glare screen, oh and a core upgrade allowing 2.9Ghz processor with 8GB of RAM 🙂

It remains to be seen what the anti-glare screen is really like, but hopefully it wont have that awful shine all the new Apple laptops have had until now. Seems like they finally listened to the Pros that sit in front of them all day.

The only disappointment is probably the lack of a BluRay writer in there. That would be great for backing up all the shots taken at a wedding. Those RAW files take up loads of room…

Anyway check out the link for all the info on the Apple site.

MacBook Pro 17″

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