Nikon D3x shots… Yup I got to play with one!

Now here’s a chance you don’t get every day. I was at the Nikon Solutions Expo at Olympia today and was watching the demo of the Nikon CLS using SB900’s in Lastolite Ezybox Hotshoes. Uzair Kharawala Was giving a demo of CLS being used with the lastolites.

Katie, who I’m sure all the Nikon shooters have seen many times before was doing her usual job of making being a model look easy.

Then they asked if anyone had a CF card and wanted a go, well it would have been rude not to have put my hand up, although I seemed to be the only one with my hand up… Gulp.

Anyway I was asked to walk into the shooting area and given a D3x with 24-70 and told I’d get 4 shots and then it was someone elses turn… Gulp again.

So first shot Waayyyyyyy over exposed…

Second shot… Good enough for me 🙂

I got 5 shots in the end, and here’s another one…

Do I want a D3x now… Well yep sure do, but first I gotta get me a couple of those soft boxes. Oh and an SU800 to fire my flashes. 🙂

Edit: At the request of a few forums I’m posting 100% crops of each photo. These are without any sharpening applied, straight from the jpgs out of camera.

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