Straight after Dusseldorf we’d planned to visit Berlin since we were a stones throw away ( read 4:30 by train ).

We only had about 3 days in total there so had 2 full days of non-stop sightseeing. 

One of the places we went to was the Sony Centre. Now this place is something else, there’s even alife sized lego Giraffe outside it.


We also took a trip into the Berlin zoo, now this place is HUGE and you can’t possibly see it all in the time we had but we probably saw most of it ( my feet hurt… )

This is Knut the famous bear. Little did I know when I took this, that his handler was to die the same day 🙁 There’s no wonder he looks so sad, animals sense these things.

Resting our feet outside the zoo I took a photo of Becky, she hates her photo being taken… hehe

And then some other shots of stuff I saw in Berlin… Sorry I’m a car nut 🙂

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